Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bag Obsession

Do you ever stop and wonder what our bag obsessions are all about? 

What is the draw or the appeal of having a designer name on our arm? We can't be that shallow to think that just because a celebrity is carrying it we have to run out and buy one. Or is it the search for the perfect leather, with the perfect opening at the top, with the perfect handles that wrap around our arm or shoulder? In either case the obsession is ridiculous!! Seeing someone walking down the street with an amazing bag might just send us in a panic to try and find one just like it. 

I tend to believe that in this fashion-conscience society accessories are "easily" affordable and allow us to express our personality without having to claim bankruptcy. Wether it's the latest Balenciaga or a classic Chanel flap we can all have a sense of individuality even though we may all be carrying the same bag. 

So the next time you see someone with a great bag, don't look at her sideways. Instead give her a smile, like you know how long she had to save for that bag. And maybe say, "I like your bag."

Monday, December 29, 2008

Light vs. Dark

2008 was the year of the brunette. Many of the designers and magazines were showing models that were a rich espresso brown. 2009 will still be a year with the rich hues, but I think the color will be a little softer, more milk chocolate with some subtle highlights. Think Miranda Kerr. The beautiful Australian model dating (and rumored to be engaged to) Orlando Bloom. 

Now don't get crazy and run out and buy chocolate brown hair color, you might just end up looking like a stale chocolate bar. But take a look at your eye and skin color. If you have blue eyes and milky skin you'll look great with the rich color, just be careful to not go to dark (Courtney Cox). Courtney is beautiful, but sometimes looks a little harsh with the dark hair. Lightening a couple of shades will soften up any wrinkles you might have and make you look younger. 

If you have brown eyes, go a shade or two lighter or darker than your eye color. If you're adding highlights keep them BLENDED! There's nothing worse than seeing a girl with dark hair and yellow strands of hay sticking out. My colorist says, "it looks like a bird has pooped on her head."

For you blondes don't frete. You never go out of style, but my advice to you is the same for the brunettes, BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. Add a couple of different colors to add dimension to your hair. Good Luck and have fun with it, you can always dye it back if you hate it. You never know, you might land your own Orlando Bloom. 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keep your uggs simple

Girls...Keep your uggs simple!  We all love the laid back feel of our Ugg boots.  They're comfy, cozy and pretty practical in our somewhat unpractical world ( 4 inch high Louboutins that we love).   With that said don't go out and buy a pair of uggs with fringe on them.  I know Lauren Conrad is seen all over town wearing them, but keep in mind she's probably being paid to do so!  Uggs worn poorly will make you look dowdy and disheveled.  And sometimes making you look heavier than what you are.  If the plain ones are too simple for you try the one's with a little bit of the sheep skin coming out of the seams.  Uggs are super cute and super easy to slip on when you're running out the door for your morning latte.