Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Beginnings...Show and Tell

After a couple of years of blogging for a hobby, and really enjoying sharing ideas, I've decided to expand my blog to a website that reflects who I am, not only in a physical style, but in sharing more personal ideas and goings on.

Sequins and Baseballs was an experiment.  I started it, per my husbands encouragement, with the hopes of "unsticking" myself and finding my passion.  In the process I found a second love in exploring fashion, style and creative living. I'm excited about this next phase and where Show and Tell Me is going.   I look forward to this journey and I hope that you continue to come along through your path of exploration and discovery.

Show and Tell Me is at it's beginning stages of building.  There is still growth and shape to take place.   I'm hopeful, that not only, the site be an informative and fashionably inspirational stop, but also a forum to Show and Tell.

Thank you all for the support! xoxo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kelly Wearstler

We all know Kelly Wearstler for her amazing style and eye in the world of interior design.  But now she's trying her hand at fashion.  Her collection consists of beautiful fabric pieces, bold jewelry, leather clutches and scarves, all with a great point of view and incredibly chic.  I admire women like Kelly, not only is she an amazing business woman, she manages to balance family and fun with just as much creativity. I've found some pictures of Kelly "in action", I love how she looks effortlessly "cool".  xoxo

Monday, October 3, 2011

Street Style, Skirts!

Love leather with anything feminine.
Skirts of all shapes and sizes have made themselves known again.  And it's never been so evident as it has been during Paris fashion week.  I love the playfulness that a skirt can bring.  Paired with leather, a fur or just some amazing heels, can stir up the monotony of the ever safe pant.  J'adore Paris! xoxo
My favorite the booties!
A pop of color always works
Taylor Tomasi with legging tights

Photographs by Harpers Bazaar