Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vogues under $100

H&M Pleated Dress  $35
The Social Shopper released their 100 under $100 earlier today.  Finding stylish clothes at bargain prices isn't always the easiest feat.  Vogues list gives a nice selection in the different trends we're seeing for fall.  I've pulled some of my favorites, whether you're looking for a cropped pant, chunky jewelry or that special clutch, you're sure to find a few favorites of your own.  xoxo
J Crew Shutter Dress $90
Gap belt $35
H&M Wide Brim Hat $15
Mango Sleeveless Dress  $100
Top Shop Cropped Pant  $35
H&M Long Women's Jacket  $80
Altuzarra Rubber Tubing Bracelets  $70 ea
Kenneth Jay Lane Nugget Ring  $75

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Style Couple...Get's Married!

This weekend Sophia Coppola, daughter of director Francis Ford Coppola, married her love (Phoenix frontman) Thomas Mars.  They had a small ceremony of about 80 guests all centered around the family villa in Bernalda, Italy.  Her minimalistic style has captured the heart of Marc Jacobs, as she is his muse.  Her clean line esthetic not only works well with her full time job as a mommy, but her effortless grace continues to inspire style for many.  I know for me, she keeps me wanting more.  xoxo 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finding Balance...

Bold accessories make an old tee new.
Finding balance, not only in fashion but in life in general, can be as elusive as a Birkin.  We are so bombarded with beautiful images, the latest greatest finds, and what we should have and should want, that it becomes difficult to  decipher what is really important.  Literally, figuratively, and superficially.  So, relating only to fashion, how do we find the balance between, living and being true to our creative expression, wanting to have amazing things and feel amazing in them, but not loose sight of the fact that in this economy unlimited funds is hard to come by.

As fall is approaching we've started receiving our "phone books" (September issues).  I honestly feel bad for my mail man lugging magazines that are 758 pages thick (Vogue).  In a perfect world, I would order one of everything from Stella, Isabel, Burberry and a slew of other amazing designers that make anyone look like they belong in these magazines.  But unfortunately not many of us live in that fantasy world.  Thumbing through the "bibles" can be daunting and intimidating, but also exciting for the change of season that's ahead, and the welcome challenge to re-invent ourselves once again.

So how do we find balance?  How can we shop smart, not only for fun, trendy pieces, but also for items that we'll have for a decade strong.  Honestly, it takes will power, a bit of savviness and not falling victim to fashion advice from every "expert" consultant.  It's hard!.  When you start taking inventory, look for holes.  Are you someone that buys 500 pairs of jeans and t-shirts?  Are you an accessories hoarder (jewelry, shoes and handbags) or are you totally lost on where to start and end up buying something that's trendy for the moment, but a disaster the next?

Look at your lifestyle.  Mom's will have a completely different wardrobe than someone working corporate.  But great style doesn't have to be limited to what your wallet or everyday tasks hold.  A few pieces interchanged with each other will go a long way.  A great jacket or coat can conceal any ratty pair of jeans, and a classic pump can be worn with a skirt, some skinny's or even a pair of shorts.  Evaluate where you are in life, you'll probably be some place different next year, but in making sound choices you can still be wearing some amazing pieces.  xoxo

Little black dress with a pop of color...always beautiful
Love the shorter jacket with tee peeking out
Can't go wrong with skinny's, a blouse and great pumps
Again, great accessories liven everything
Shorts with a heel is an instant makeover

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Off to Bed?

I have to admit I'm slightly obsessed with bed jackets right now.  Not the traditional polyester version grandma wears to watch price is right, but a soft, cocoon like cut, that drapes loosely over the shoulders and hits just below the hip bone.  I love the ease of it's boho vibe, and worn with a pair of leather leggings it's easily brought up a notch in the "cool" factor.  With prints and color so popular right now, this is an easy addition that can follow the trend and be taken into next spring. Maybe even on nights you stay in, wrap yourself up like a cocoon.  xoxo

Photograph by The Now blog
Winter Kate Collection
Nicole Richie in Winter Kate

Thursday, August 18, 2011

All About Texture

There's a lot of texture to choose from right now, and as it starts becoming cooler, the warmer fabrics will be a welcome change.  Leather, faux-fur and tweed are all fall must-haves.   Although i'm not a huge fan of the velvet that is starting to sprinkle in, I do like the corduroy that's made it's way back.  Corduroy pants are running the gamut in cut and style.  The 70's bell bottom, the gem colored brights and the skinny staple have all been updated this season in corduroy.  Paired with a Tee, a blazer and a great pump you tackle style, warmth and trend all in one.  xoxo
Mother Low Rise Corduroy

Theyskens' Mid Rise Corduroy
JBrand Corduroy

Monday, August 15, 2011

Act just like a Lady...

Hermes Flap Bag
There's been a definite movement away from luggage like bags being draped over our shoulders.  Although I believe that larger totes are necessary for our everyday lives, smaller, structured, ladylike bags have made themselves relevant again.  Coco Chanel had it right when she introduced the 2.55 bag back in 1955.  65 years later, the flap bag is still current and classic.  We have quite a few styles to choose from.  Whether it be the more cost effective Coach style "classic", or moving to a higher end, higher priced designer, we can all use to scale back our apartments that we carry over one arm.  xoxo

Coach Classic 
Chanel Mini Flap
Celine Mini Luggage
Chanel Bubble Flap

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall Favorites!

Leather leggings are still a go...Black and White is a trend
I, personally, am not quite ready for summer to end.  I'm sure there are other's (on the east coast) that would probably disagree.  Nevertheless we're still about six weeks away, and it's never too early to start thinking about the "holes" we have in our closets.  There are a lot of trends to sift through and some are more desirable than others, but it's nice to have the choices to find our personal voice.  Keep in mind classic lines in classic colors when you're purchasing pieces.   Graphic prints and long skirts are big trends, but be careful not to combine the prints with the skirts...you know what I mean!?  xoxo
Cropped leather jacket...always a must
Loving wide leg trousers!
Tweed is big for fall...You can't go wrong with CHANEL
Skinny belt with long cashmere cardigan...love!
Pointy pumps...edgy

Monday, August 8, 2011

Clare Vivier!

My latest go to accessory has to be my Clare Vivier clutch.  For those of you who don't know who Clare Vivier is, she's a Los Angeles accessories designer specializing in chic utility design, with social conscious awareness.  She prides herself in having a collection that embodies, "timeless style over trend, quality over hype and progress over abstraction".  Her original design (a laptop sleeve) came out of necessity and wanting something stylish.  She uses beautiful, bright colors with soft, high quality leather.  With bright colors continuing for fall, this is a great way to infuse the trend while purchasing an item that you will continue to wear season after season.  xoxo
Messenger Style
Fold over clutch...my personal fave!
Flat clutch, Messenger, Sac Bretelle, Shopper

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A little bit of GP!

There was a tweet earlier today that stated "September issues aren't complete without at least 1 Gwyneth cover".  That's probably true, she's become such a fashion icon without even knowing herself becoming one.  Gwyneth truly embodies the modern woman.  Not only is she a loving wife and mother, she has managed to keep her acting career, start up a music one and throw in entrepreneur for good measure.  All in making it look like it's just another day.  She inspires me to keep going after what I love, and I encourage you to go after what you love...xoxo

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Mortimer...

This month's Vogue features Minnie Mortimer and her laid back Malibu home.  For those of you who don't know who Minnie is, she's a New York socialite that's been transplanted here (LA) by marrying her Oscar winning, producer husband, Stephan Gaghan.  I wanted to feature her home as well in my blog.  New Yorkers sometimes have a wrap of being uptight and ridged (I don't believe it for a minute!), and Minnie's home is exactly the opposite.  I love all the natural light that comes in from the windows and the comfortable beach esthetic.  Sometimes dressing a house "beachy" can come out looking messy, but she does an amazing job with sophisticated book shelves and modern touches like the white tulip chairs.  They've even managed to throw in the Oscar, can you spot him.  xoxo