Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some of my Faves

Levi's made and crafted
 Jeans have been our everyday staple as well as our evening go to style for many, many seasons.  This is probably our one common thread year after year that has never left and isn't going anywhere fast.  A couple of posts back I mentioned how the flare has made it's way back from the seventies, but there's also another style that's fast becoming a trend setter.  The crop pant is also from another famous era, the 50's.  This trend is incredibly feminine and easy to dress up if you're looking for an alternative style of dress.  I would caution however, that because the crop pant hits above the ankle, sometimes this can be a daring choice.  I would recommend pairing them with a high heel and a beautiful blouse on top.  I've chosen some of my favorite items in hopes that it will give you inspiration in putting your look together.   Enjoy! xoxo

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Platforms, Wedges and Sandals, Oh Boy!

  There's a huge selection of summer shoes this season.  We're not locked into just wearing flip flops anymore.  Wedges and sandals are probably the easiest to wear as far as trends goes.  Both can be worn with a variety of items and interchanged throughout the season.  Wedges work great with the bell bottom trend as well as cute mid-length shorts, or the ever safe maxi dress.  For a more relaxed, casual feel replace the wedge with a cute T-strap sandal, or a more funky gladiator type shoe.

Alexandre Birman
Tory Burch
The trend I'm not liking at all is the platform sandal.  I find it completely unattractive and not feminine one bit.  There's really no difference between the platform and tying a brick to the bottom of your foot.  Herman Munster, I'm sure, was the inspiration for this trend.  If you insist on purchasing a pair, try not to spend more than a couple of dinners worth.  I guarantee we'll see them on the "out" list by August.  Happy Sunday! xoxo
Platform Sandal...Ugh!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

70's...In Full Swing!

The 70's revival is in full swing.  From the bell bottom jeans to the long straight hair parted down the middle, we're seeing "love story" all over again.  I can't say that I hate it, it's actually my favorite time as far as what it did for fashion.  Halston and YSL were at the top of their game, and the effortless beauty of Ali and Farrah is still the most sought after "natural" look to date.

We've seen designers today come full circle with their versions of what the 70's mean to them, and they've done a pretty good job.  I'm loving the simple dresses that take you from day to night, and the bold colors that bring it into todays trend.  I'm looking forward to the ease and beauty that these dresses and the summer season brings.  I hope you are too.  xoxo

Tory Burch

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night...

  We're so close to reveling in spring time weather.  Here in Cali we've had a couple of teaser days, but the rain is headed our way once again.  Hopefully, this will be one of our last gloomy days so that we can finally bring out our sunnies for good.

  Sunglasses, for the past couple of years, have been pretty boring.  I'm so tired of seeing girls being swallowed up by huge, cheek grazing fly eyes.  I don't think it's the shape I so much mind, but the ill fitting trend of bigger is better is not so attractive.
This season a new trend has finally given us a different option to chose from.  The cat eye is nothing "new", but we're seeing more and more designers coming out with their versions of the cat.  Tom Ford has a great frame named Anouk and even Ray Ban has come out with a feline eye.  If you're on the fence on how this style will trend out, know that the classic aviator and a classic round will never go out of style.  Enjoy the sun! xoxo
Tom Ford Anouk
Classic Ray Ban Aviator

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beauty...Skin Deep!?

Jen Brill, Agent
When it comes to skin care and aging it's pretty much a given we'll try anything.  With so many products on the market it's so difficult to weed out the truth from the snake oil.  I've put together some of our top editors, agents and stylists who have photographed their "secrets".  I think on a whole, a good cleanser, moisturizer and retnoid are the key to beautiful skin.  Don't forget your eye creme and hand lotion.  Good luck! xoxo
Valerie Boster, Booking Agent Vogue
Lauren Santo Domingo, Co-Founder Moda Operandi 

Caroline Sieber, Celebrity Stylist

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The New Day Bag

Taylor Tomasi
Louis Vuitton
Vintage Hermes
  More and more i've been reaching for clutches for everyday wear.  With the size of clutches becoming bigger and more practicle for day, the need for the big tote is becoming a little less.  Yes there's still a place for our totes, hobos and birkins, especially if we're mommies, working women or going out for a big day of shopping. But it seems that with the invention of the smart phone, our everyday essentials has come down to just a couple of items.  Moving from a bag to a clutch might take some getting used too, but as Dr. Seuss says, "try it, you may like them you will see...";)  xoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring/Summer Hair 2011

Hair trends are very wearable this season.  We're not talking about stick straight hay hair or braids that wrap around your head, that really only work before the age of 12.  But rather a softer, more style friendly approach.  Many spring shows showed side parts, low pony tails and voluminous hair as the norm.  All three of these options are easy to achieve and are very forgiving regardless of the shape of your face.  The only advice I would give is, find the right product for whatever style you're going for.  A hair spray that's not to stiff is a must and a styling creme with just a small amount of hold will help you get that sexy, wavy bed head look.  Either way have fun with it, don't try to hard and make peace with what you have! xoxo