Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glowing Skin

  With winter in full swing and the east coast getting pounded by the worst weather ever, it's hard to see that spring is officially only 6 weeks away.  Here on the west coast we've had beautiful days, but extremely dry, low humidity temps .  Not really the ideal scenario for healthy looking skin.  I came across two products that have helped alleviate dry, flakey, raisin face smiles.  Both of these products are highly coveted by make up artists and models.  I was told that models use them as their "secret" weapons.  I don't know about all that, but I do know that they worked for me and held their promises to keeping my skin moisturized and glowing.

  Both product are from YSL.  YSL, on a whole, is known for their innovated skin care.  This is a piece of information that i've just recently learned.  Many skin care lines copy and distribute their versions of products that YSL puts out.

  The first product is the  Non-Granule Exfoliator.  It truly is amazing.  You put it on your skin dry, allow it to emulsify then rinse off with water.  The results are truly worth the $44 price tag.  Your skin is left glowing and moisturized.

  The second is the 3 in 1 cleansing water.  This product is truly unique.  Many times skin is over cleansed,  which strips our natural oils.  The cleansing water is a cleanser, toner and balancer all in one.  It is best used in the morning, but can also be used before bed.  All you do is squirt some water on a cotton ball and apply to the face.  That's it!  Then apply your normal make up routine.

  Of course water and sleep is still the best remedy for lack luster skin, but a little product can be a savior...xoxo

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