Saturday, January 16, 2010

iny MINI miny mo!

Ok girls...i've just heard that Chanel is raising they're prices again. Not good news for a bag that runs almost $3000.00. With so many great styles to choose from, it's difficult to make a decision on just one. If you're looking to purchase one try to stay as classic as possible.

Obviously all the flaps, medium, jumbo and XL jumbo are great. But take into account when and how you will be wearing the bag. For daytime stay with the jumbo or XL. Much more stuff fits in these bags. The medium really is for evening or ladies who lunch.:)

A great alternative to the flap is the camera style Chanel. It's made in the "classic" style or "reissue" (my favorite) style. The reissue has a different chain and a distressed leather. I find that it holds everything I could possible need and it has a great, younger feel to it.

My latest obsession is the mini flap. Chanel only releases a few of these a season. Yes, it is smaller than the medium flap, but it's not only for evening. The chain is long and the bag can be worn like a messenger. It holds quite a bit...a small wallet, phone, keys and the essential lip balms. This bag is great!... Young, classic and has a ton of personality. Shopping with this gem is a breeze. xoxo

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