Saturday, February 13, 2010


I just arrived back into town after two weeks in Australia, what a beautiful place. We spent 3 nights in Sydney and 8 days at a beautiful beach called Lennox. I had a lot of down time and needless to say I read many magazines. Everything from Australian Elle, to British Vogue and I have to say that european magazines are much more inspiring and thought provoking than the US versions. The way they understand clothes and the women who wear them is amazing.

The european style of laid back, sophisticated, eclectic chic is exactly what I aspire to achieve. I came straight home and started reorganizing my closet. Deciding what to keep and what to buy is an ongoing process, but always keeping CLASSIC in mind is key.

I've come across fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia of L'Uomo Vogue and assistant fashion editor Viviana Volpicella of Vogue Nippon, both italian, that inspire me. They're style is perfection and I hope you can draw some inspiration from them as well. Have fun! xoxo

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