Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love me some sequin!!

As you can see by the name of my blog, I am a big fan of sequins.  I love how unexpected it can be.  We really haven't seen so much buzz about sequins since the 80's.  Back then it was all about the over the top, more is better look.  I'm sure we've all seen the bad eighties hair, with over sized shoulder pads, and a really bad disco ball jacket.  Wearing sequins in today's world, seems to be more laid back, more fun and way less pretentious.  So, how do you wear sequins, you ask?  Anyway you want!  There aren't any rules, really.  But I think that the only line I would follow is, pairing it with different textures.  Try t-shirts with sequin pants, or jeans with a jacket.  Whatever you do, just be fearless and own it! Have fun...xoxo

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