Saturday, September 11, 2010

Favorite Things...

In the midst of so many amazing designers, fashions and accessories it's easy to get lost and confused on what's a forever piece and what's a "right now" trend.  In trying to find your personal style, your bound to make mistakes and have some regrets.  But always remember to be true to who you are not only as a person but also in what your day to day activities are.  Fashion and style aren't about being a slave to the trends, but about having fun and dressing for self expression.  Once you do and own your look, it doesn't matter what the pages of Vogue say.  Trust me, yes I love Vogue, but it's about guidance and luxe rather than desperate page turning trying to find the next trend to waste your money on.  With all this said, I'd like to share with you what my favorite things are.  No matter what the trends show, I always go back to these pieces.  Hope you like...xoxo

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