Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweater Season!?

Well...being that it's been about 100 degrees here in LA, I'm not really that motivated to be talking about sweaters.  But, as fast as it got hot, it's sure to feel more like winter soon.

Sweaters have made a huge comeback as a wardrobe staple.  It's definitely one of those items that you can take out of your closet year after year.  Cardigans and Knit sweater coats are pieces that I encourage people to spend money on.  Sweaters definitely run a roller coaster of trends.  Some seasons are more "trendy" for sweaters than others, but they always seem to make their way back.  There's something esthetically pleasing pairing an old pair of boyfriend jeans with a luxurious, beautifully made sweater.  Hope it gets cold soon! xoxo


  1. Where can I get these sweaters in Winnipeg Canada

  2. Try specialty stores and department stores. The beige sweater is Ralph Lauren. Hope this helps....xoxo