Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well, boot season is definitely upon us.  With the cold temps and wet streets there's not a better time to invest in some classic, comfortable boots.  Boots, I think, are a tricky accessory.  Most magazines always have a spread on the latest and greatest, but they never really go into how to wear a boot.  Ya, okay, there's only a few ways to wear them, over the jean, under the jean, over the knee or stay at the ankle, but depending on your body type and height, the boot you pick makes all the difference in you looking frumpy or fabulous.

There are 4 heights in boots:  Over the knee, under the knee, at the calf or an ankle bootie.  All are equally flattering if it fits your body type.  But the key would there is: body type!  I truly believe that over the knee and at the calf are the hardest to wear boot.  I think for both these styles you have to be extremely tall and thin.  These boots cut you at a place that accentuates curves.  That's not necessarily a bad thing if you don't have curves, but honestly, unless I look like Giselle I won't be wearing these styles.

The boots worn at the knee and ankles booties, I think are the most forgiving, and honestly, the most classic.  I know some of you are saying "ankles booties", "they make my butt look big".  But the booties are very versatile.  Pulling your jean over the boot gives you a streamline leg.  Also wearing a heeled bootie with leggings and a longer tunic or even a dress gives you a proportion that's pleasing to the eye.

Boots to the knee are the most classic.  Whether you like it heeled or flat, you really can't go wrong with a boot to the knee.  The only thing I think to watch out for is the size of the opening at the knee.  If it's too big, it looks sloppy.  I also watch for the proportions of the articles of clothing I'm wearing.  If worn with a jacket at the waist, I like a longer tunic underneath.  If I'm wearing a shorter top, a longer cardigan looks modern and chic.

Regardless of what you choose, just remember to be you.  Being you is your greatest accessory. xoxo

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