Monday, January 10, 2011

Emmanuelle Alt...The new Editor In chief of French Vogue!

  Since the abrupt "resignation" of Carine Roitfeld from French Vogue, there's been a lot of speculation of why she left and who would take over.  It's been said that Carine was asked to step down (or fired) because of unethical practices inside the magazine.  I'm not exactly sure what the final straw was, but I know it had to do with a heavy hitting designer.

Emmanuelle Alt has an incredible style and has been the fashion director for French Vogue as long as Carine has been editor (10 years).  I believe Carine is who hired Emmanuelle.  Not everyone is too excited about Emmanuelle taking over as head chief.  Many believe she doesn't have enough experience and basically she's Carine dressed in different clothing.  I for one, am really excited about the transition.  I think Emmanuelle will bring an edgier feel than Carine and I look forward to new inspiration.  Hope you do too.  xoxo

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