Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skinny vs. Wide!!

No, I'm not talking about hips, I'm talking about jeans.  I'm sure most of you have a wardrobe, much like mine, that's denim heavy.  Skinny's, trousers, boyfriend, distressed, high waisted, low waisted, colored, light blue,dark blue, blah, blah, blah.  Finding that "perfect" pair can be as much fun as getting your bikini waxed.  Sorry TMI.

The good news about denim, is that not any one style stays the trend for very long.  We've seen skinny's for quite a while now, and although I think their one of the cleanest lines in denim, I am ready for the change that's coming.  We're starting to see more trouser silhouettes make their way to the streets.  They tend to be a little more forgiving both on the body and in attitude.  I like the laid back, boho feel.  There's nothing cooler than a tiny tank top and a wide leg.  Just keep in mind what's makes you comfortable.  You'll never be on trend if you don't look yourself.  xoxo

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