Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finding Balance...

Bold accessories make an old tee new.
Finding balance, not only in fashion but in life in general, can be as elusive as a Birkin.  We are so bombarded with beautiful images, the latest greatest finds, and what we should have and should want, that it becomes difficult to  decipher what is really important.  Literally, figuratively, and superficially.  So, relating only to fashion, how do we find the balance between, living and being true to our creative expression, wanting to have amazing things and feel amazing in them, but not loose sight of the fact that in this economy unlimited funds is hard to come by.

As fall is approaching we've started receiving our "phone books" (September issues).  I honestly feel bad for my mail man lugging magazines that are 758 pages thick (Vogue).  In a perfect world, I would order one of everything from Stella, Isabel, Burberry and a slew of other amazing designers that make anyone look like they belong in these magazines.  But unfortunately not many of us live in that fantasy world.  Thumbing through the "bibles" can be daunting and intimidating, but also exciting for the change of season that's ahead, and the welcome challenge to re-invent ourselves once again.

So how do we find balance?  How can we shop smart, not only for fun, trendy pieces, but also for items that we'll have for a decade strong.  Honestly, it takes will power, a bit of savviness and not falling victim to fashion advice from every "expert" consultant.  It's hard!.  When you start taking inventory, look for holes.  Are you someone that buys 500 pairs of jeans and t-shirts?  Are you an accessories hoarder (jewelry, shoes and handbags) or are you totally lost on where to start and end up buying something that's trendy for the moment, but a disaster the next?

Look at your lifestyle.  Mom's will have a completely different wardrobe than someone working corporate.  But great style doesn't have to be limited to what your wallet or everyday tasks hold.  A few pieces interchanged with each other will go a long way.  A great jacket or coat can conceal any ratty pair of jeans, and a classic pump can be worn with a skirt, some skinny's or even a pair of shorts.  Evaluate where you are in life, you'll probably be some place different next year, but in making sound choices you can still be wearing some amazing pieces.  xoxo

Little black dress with a pop of color...always beautiful
Love the shorter jacket with tee peeking out
Can't go wrong with skinny's, a blouse and great pumps
Again, great accessories liven everything
Shorts with a heel is an instant makeover

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