Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cover Up!

Not only are coats a trend, Vive le rouge!
Statement coats are just one of the top trends for fall 2011.  And honestly, probably one of my favorites.  This is one of those accessories that when purchased with some thought behind it, will last you a lifetime.  I know that some of the heavy wool and tweed textiles are beautiful and tempting, but if you're living in sunny So.Ca, that statement piece might only being talking to you from the closet.  Of course, my east coast friends have the opposite to think about.

When purchasing coats or jackets, remember their function.  Short, long, fur or leather, they all play a specific role.   I'd say go ahead on a splurge, but be mindful in your mindset.  xoxo
My ultimate splurge.  Celine motorcycle jacket

Capes are here to stay
Rachel Zoe faux fur and leather.  Priced right!
SJP in fuchsia.

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