Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm back!

Well I'm back and I had an amazing time.  New York City has an energy that no other city has.  With it's mix of people and the sophistication it holds, it made it very difficult to come home.

I spent a lot of time people watching and trying to figure out why Los Angeles and New York are so different in regards to style and fashion.  And what I came up with is New Yorkers tend to dress depending on the elements outside.  Los Angeles has the ease of good weather basically 11 months out of the year.  We may have 1 month, total through out the year, that we have hard rain, or really hot weather.  So that makes it very predictable and very easy to dress.  Angeleno's like their color, their make-up and their stilettos.  Although there's nothing wrong with that, I find it sometimes to be a little much, a little overdone.

New Yorkers tend to be a lot more understated, and because "their legs are made for walking", their wardrobe choices are made with comfort in mind.  Now, I'm only talking about day to day living.  This is not taking into account work attire.  That is a different mind set altogether.

Fresh faces and comfortable flats dominated the streets.  On the hot summer like days I saw a lot of leggings with long, doubled up tanks.  Hair had natural waves or an effortless ponytail.

It was refreshing to see people enjoying their company and their meals without seeing people looking around wondering who's looking at them.  I love the human contact that New York forces you to have, at the same time I love the raw emotions that the city forces you to use.  It's a city that can break you down but that sense of knowing that you are alive is priceless.  xoxo  

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