Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall 2010 Beauty Trends

There are a couple of different beauty trends that have stood out this season, and I'm happy to say that they're all pretty wearable.  Keep in mind not everyone will be able to wear them verbatim, but they are very easy to tweek.

The first trend takes a bit of an attitude, but when done right it's absolutely beautiful.  Bold, red lips is as classic as classic gets.  I sometimes have a hard time with this trend because it's very easy to look "overdone",   but paired with a fresh face and minimal eye make-up it can be stunning.

Another trend we're seeing a lot of are grey colored nails.  This trend isn't for everyone, as it can make the hands look lifeless and a little old, but it's a nice alternative to the overdone black palate.  Deborah Lippman, Lancome and Chanel all have varying degrees of grey.  (you can always wear red)

The third trend and one of my favorites, is a bold brow.  This is a trend, that I believe, we should never let go of.  Having a full brow keeps a youthful look to the face.  There are different degrees of thickness to play with depending on the shape and structure of your face, but keeping them on the fuller side could add some softness and youthfulness that is cheaper than botox and fillers:).  Good luck on playing with your new looks...xoxo

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