Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's my style!?

I often get asked this question, "what's my style" or "how do I find my style".  It's kind of a tricky question.  We all have fashion trends and styles that we follow and are comfortable wearing.  Some of us fall in the more casual, ready to wear category, some fall into more couture and some really just don't care and anything from anywhere is fine.  Honestly I really don't think there's a wrong or right way to look at fashion.  I know for me I love fashion, I love the creativity it brings out in me and I love trying to make old things new and new things last.

I don't believe that fashion and style is only about following the next trend.  I think it's important to update, and to take your interpretation of what a trend is and make it your own.  If grey nails, red lips and leather leggings aren't your thing, try legging jeans with a red coat and a leather bag.  You will still be following trends but interpreting them to fit you and your lifestyle.  I think that's where most of us make the mistakes.  We feel the need to follow what's literal on the pages of magazines or the runways of fashion week.

Always remember being true to who you are is your biggest accessory.  If you approach fashion from who and what you are, versus who someone else is, you can never go wrong.  Feeling confident and whole in your own skin is what's going to set you apart.  Not the Chanel bag or the Louboutin heels.  But those accessories are fun to have as well.  Happy searching.  xoxo

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