Sunday, December 12, 2010


There's a lot of controversy wether to wear fur or not.  Although I'm not an advocate of going out and buying a new fur coat, there are some instances (climate in different parts of the world) that do warrant fur. I'm from LA, so obviously wearing fur here is a little ridiculous, but eskimos in Alaska use fur as part of their survival.

With that said...fur can look incredibly cool.  There's a sense of glamour and sophisticated unkeptness when you throw on a fur over your pajamas (sex and the city!) or the yin and yang of hard (leather) vs soft (fur).    It's almost like I don't care, but I do really cause I threw on a $10,000 fur over my Victoria Secret's Pink sweatshirt.  As much as I like the look, I've never been able to throw one on.  The thought of those beautiful little noses and faces of the animals has always spoken louder.  What do you think!  xoxo

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