Saturday, April 30, 2011


I haven't had my computer all week so I feel a little out of touch in the world of pop culture. With that said, I didn't miss the royal wedding and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since it happened. I'm not one to get excited over the pretentious, over indulgent monarchy, but there was something different with this specific event. I'm not sure if it's because Catherine is the first commoner in over 350 years to marry the future king of England, or if it's because, having a son myself, knowing that Prince Williams' mother was not there to celebrate and rejoice in this life changing journey made me a little sad. Either way I found the day to be incredibly sweet, understated and inspiring. The obvious goes unsaid...Kate looked amazing and carried herself with unwavering grace, but the looks of love and the ease that William and Kate share between them is so endearing.

Knowing what's it's like to have a long courtship with your future husband brings it's challenges,but it also has some invaluable rewards. Speaking from experience, navigating through rough waters with someone from an early beginning brings a deep connection that is very difficult to break. The perception they give, is just that, a solid unwavering foundation that will bring years of friendship, love, loyalty and respect.

They may be the future King and Queen of England, but I find them to be just two people that found their own fairytale. xoxo

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