Monday, January 5, 2009

Classic beauty

Okay girls...I'm obsessing about clean, fresh face beauty.  There's something appealing about clean, make-up free skin, nude lips and mildly disheveled hair.  But lets face it, as low maintenence as this look looks, it takes just as much effort as the polished uptown girl (Tinsley Mortimer).   The secret to achieving this look is taking the time to groom yourself regularly with consistent appointments.  I wish I could tell you, you can jump out of bed and go, but in doing that, you might just be running out the door with a rats nest on top of your head.

The 5 most important appointments are...
  • Hair:  Find a  hairdresser you can trust.  Wether it's keeping your hair long with layers or short and sassy, up keep is really important (Chris McMillan Salon, Neil George Salon and The Andy LeCompte salon are my personal faves)
  • Eyebrows:  Keep them groomed and well shaped
  • Skin:  Find a good dermatologist that will prescribe a retnoid and getting rid of brown spots is a must
  • Teeth: Keep yourself current with your cleaning appointments, and try bleach if you tend to be on the yellow side
  • Last but not least, make an appointment with a make-up artist.  Work with different colors to achieve that natural flush in the cheeks and lips
Just remember to be consistent.  Try not to let to much time lapse in between all your appointments.  Good luck and enjoy your gorgeous self.

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