Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spring Awakening

Even though we're in the dead of winter, it's time to start thinking of what's ahead.  Longer days, warmer nights and outdoor bbq's with friends and family.  Can't you smell that spring is in the air?  Well not really, but we can start thinking about what we need for the season ahead.  Last year the maxi dress made a huge impact.  The laid back, polished look was really appealing and many different body types look great in the relaxed style.  

I think spring will bring on more of the same.  But with a little twist.  Last september I started seeing really cute jersey jump suits.  They're just as laid back and polished as the maxi dress, but a little more updated.  Don't worry... you can still get away with wearing the long, column dress.  But if you're looking to add a new updated piece, the jump suit is the way to go.

Pair up the suit with flip flops for during the day, and a cute heel for at night.  Keeping your hair and make-up simple and relaxed will complete this casual, but super cute look.  Have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

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