Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make-up 09 (Lips)

Like the rest of the face, the lips are pretty and soft.  There are two ways you could go this spring to complete your look.  The first look is a berry stained lip.  Almost like you've eaten a cherry juice pop.  If you go this route add a hint of shine.  We don't want to see you coming from a mile away, so use the shine sparenly.  The lips should look healthy and moisturized.  Not like rudolph's nose!  Add a drop of shine to your middle finger, then pat along the lips.  You'll look amazing.

The second option is a neutral lip.  The color can go from a very soft pink neutral, to a beige neutral.  Both are really pretty, but it depends on your skin color.  Again you want to add a little shine.  Especially with the neutral lip.  Sometimes the neutral lip looks chalky and goth like.  Not pretty.  Adding the moisture gives you softness.

The brand I like for the stain is NARS lip stain.  NARS also makes a good lip gloss in a jar.  For the neutral lip I like Kevin Aucoin,  Tajanberry.  It's a grayish Pink (pretty not pastey).  Also MAC Viva Glam V.  It's a very soft pink.  You can use any type of shine on these colors as long as the shine is clear or a beige color.  I like MAC pure gloss in Wildly Lush.

Now you girls are ready for the spring.  Own your look and add your style!

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