Sunday, March 6, 2011

The New Day Bag

Taylor Tomasi
Louis Vuitton
Vintage Hermes
  More and more i've been reaching for clutches for everyday wear.  With the size of clutches becoming bigger and more practicle for day, the need for the big tote is becoming a little less.  Yes there's still a place for our totes, hobos and birkins, especially if we're mommies, working women or going out for a big day of shopping. But it seems that with the invention of the smart phone, our everyday essentials has come down to just a couple of items.  Moving from a bag to a clutch might take some getting used too, but as Dr. Seuss says, "try it, you may like them you will see...";)  xoxo

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  1. How right you are Lisa! I have found now that my son is older I need much less in my purse. I have a small clutch that holds most of my necessities. Love the photo at the top...great blue clutch and I recognize the location as Paris near L'Arc du Triomphe. Thanks for your insights!