Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring/Summer Hair 2011

Hair trends are very wearable this season.  We're not talking about stick straight hay hair or braids that wrap around your head, that really only work before the age of 12.  But rather a softer, more style friendly approach.  Many spring shows showed side parts, low pony tails and voluminous hair as the norm.  All three of these options are easy to achieve and are very forgiving regardless of the shape of your face.  The only advice I would give is, find the right product for whatever style you're going for.  A hair spray that's not to stiff is a must and a styling creme with just a small amount of hold will help you get that sexy, wavy bed head look.  Either way have fun with it, don't try to hard and make peace with what you have! xoxo

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