Tuesday, March 22, 2011

70's...In Full Swing!

The 70's revival is in full swing.  From the bell bottom jeans to the long straight hair parted down the middle, we're seeing "love story" all over again.  I can't say that I hate it, it's actually my favorite time as far as what it did for fashion.  Halston and YSL were at the top of their game, and the effortless beauty of Ali and Farrah is still the most sought after "natural" look to date.

We've seen designers today come full circle with their versions of what the 70's mean to them, and they've done a pretty good job.  I'm loving the simple dresses that take you from day to night, and the bold colors that bring it into todays trend.  I'm looking forward to the ease and beauty that these dresses and the summer season brings.  I hope you are too.  xoxo

Tory Burch

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