Sunday, March 27, 2011

Platforms, Wedges and Sandals, Oh Boy!

  There's a huge selection of summer shoes this season.  We're not locked into just wearing flip flops anymore.  Wedges and sandals are probably the easiest to wear as far as trends goes.  Both can be worn with a variety of items and interchanged throughout the season.  Wedges work great with the bell bottom trend as well as cute mid-length shorts, or the ever safe maxi dress.  For a more relaxed, casual feel replace the wedge with a cute T-strap sandal, or a more funky gladiator type shoe.

Alexandre Birman
Tory Burch
The trend I'm not liking at all is the platform sandal.  I find it completely unattractive and not feminine one bit.  There's really no difference between the platform and tying a brick to the bottom of your foot.  Herman Munster, I'm sure, was the inspiration for this trend.  If you insist on purchasing a pair, try not to spend more than a couple of dinners worth.  I guarantee we'll see them on the "out" list by August.  Happy Sunday! xoxo
Platform Sandal...Ugh!

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